Do you sell the drawings only?

We no longer sell the drawings only. While we started out by selling drawings only, we found that most customers needed more services and assistance during their build. For this reason, we have expanded our services and now manage the entire process, which includes the drawings as well our many other items. Click here to see our process.

What’s included in the pricing shown? What’s not included in the pricing shown? Do you provide Structural Engineering?

Yes. Structural Engineering will be included in the final pricing and delivered as part of your drawing / permit set if required.

Are your Huts Prefab?

They are not Prefab in the traditional sense of the word. Meaning, they are not fully built in a factory and delivered to your site. Instead, our Huts are delivered in packages that will be assembled on site by your Contractor. Depending on how you choose to build your Hut, there is the option to build a Prefab Hut, build with SIPS or build the traditional way. We can review this during your onboarding process.

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Can I build the Hut myself?

In theory yes, you could likely build your Hut as Owner-Builder, depending on your location and level of building experience. However, we do recommend you have a Contractor as part of the process.

Can I select my own materials and products?

We can provide a list of materials and products you can switch out. However, we design our Huts specifically with each material and product in mind. This provides a savings to you and a higher quality design and building.

If you would like a complete custom interior design package tailored specifically to you, we can work with you as an upgraded option.

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Do you offer Custom Design?

We do offer Custom Design as an upgraded service.

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How much more is Custom Design?

The cost for Custom Design will vary depending on the Hut you choose, whether you start with our pre-designed Huts or if you prefer a Hut designed specifically for you and your specific location.

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Can I build off-grid?

Yes. We can work with you to modify any of our designs to be built off-gride. This will be done during our onboarding and drawing process.

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Is Solar included?

Solar is not included by default, but can be include during our onboarding process. Sometimes solar makes sense, sometimes it does not. We can discuss this based on your selected Hut and project location.

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Is shipping and tax included?

Shipping and tax will be included in our final pricing. This will be determined during our onboarding process.

Is the foundation and site work included?

The foundation and site work are not included in the materials package. Your Contractor will provide the materials and labor for the foundation and site work as this will vary by location, site and city.

You can see what is included and what is not included by clicking here.

How do the flat roof Huts work in areas with snow?

Flat roofs are typically not flat. Meaning, there is always a slope provided, although it may be minimal. The Structural Engineer will calculate for snow loads and we recommend clearing any built-up snow just as you would with a sloped roof.

Is there an option for a green / living roof?

A green / living roof is not included by default, but can be include during our onboarding process. This will also be determined by the Hut you choose.

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Why is there a range in the pricing Estimate?