The Minimal Hut

Hut 087

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Hut 087.

Preorder delivery estimate = 2 to 4 weeks
Contact us to discuss custom design options.

Building Set Typically Includes:

Cover Sheet.
Drawing Index.
General Notes.
Door Schedule.
Window Schedule.
Skylight Schedule.
Finish Schedule.
Hardware Schedule.
Appliance Schedule.
Fixture Schedule.
Lighting Schedule.
Electrical Schedule.
Foundation Plan Layout.
Floor Plans.
Roof Plan.
Finish Floor Plan.
Lighting Plan.
Electrical Plan.
Exterior Elevations.
Building Sections.
Wall Sections.
Interior Elevations.

[ Each purchase license entitles you to build one Hut per purchase. To build multiple Huts, you would need to purchase multiple drawing packages, contact us if you have any questions ]

Square Footage
64 SF ( Gross SF )
64 SF Play house.


8'-0" wide x  8'-0" length x 8'-2" high.



64 SF Play house.